Guidelines for "Annual Contingency grant/support" for the full-time PhD candidate

In addition to the guidelines already specified in the PhD scheme for "Annual Contingency grant/support", the following guidelines would also be applicable :

 1. Following items may be booked under 'Annual Contingency grant/support" meant for a full-time PhD candidate-
    I. Books/Documents of relevance to the research topic
    II. Equipment/software exclusively for research
    Ill. Consumables/Chemical/Electronic components for research work
    IV. ReprintlOff-Prints of research papers, reports etc.
    V. Registration fee for attending Symposia/Seminars/Conferences in India/abroad provided the PhD candidate is presenting a paper that has been accepted.
    VI. Similar items of relevance / directly contributing towards furtherance of the candidate's research work for his PhD etc.

 2. The unspent balance in a particular year under "Annual Contingency grant/support" for each full time PhD candidate may be carried forward by an institute to the next year,     till the time the PhD candidate is supported under the scheme at the institute. At the end of the 5 years or completion of the PhD of the candidate whichever is earlier the      unspent balance would be returned along with interest accrued (if any).

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