Terms & Conditions

  1. The support will be for additional PhD candidates taken by an institution. No support would be provided for current levels of enrolment of the PhD programme.
  2. The candidates enrolled/ registered for PhD, under Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme, during the period of the scheme would only be eligible to apply for the financial support.
  3. The support under the scheme will be provided to the institution granting the PhD degree and no direct funding support will be provided by Government of India to the PhD candidates or faculty members or to the Departments in the supported institution. The institution will be responsible for seeking financial support and for furnishing utilization certificates of the funds released and based on the scheme parameters, and as per conditions of the sanction of grant-in-aid.
  4. The PhD candidates who successfully complete their PhDs, either as full time or part-time, and are provided financial assistance under the scheme shall be counted towards achieving the target of the scheme.
  5. IPR generated under the scheme will be governed by existing rules and regulations of Government/UGC/CSIR.
  6. All institutions who will participate would be subjected to Audit of their accounts/records in respect of the scheme as per government norms.
  7. Assets created under the scheme using the research grant to the participating institutions would be used by institutions for the research and development activities in these institutions after the end of the scheme.
  8. For every five candidates supported by the Department of electronics and IT under this scheme, at least one candidate would be supported by industry/State Government concerned. It shall be the responsibility of participating institution to work with industry/State Government to enlist the PhD candidates, which are supported by the industry/State Government. The institution is free to determine the terms and conditions of the PhD candidate enrolled through industry/State Government support. However, such support shall not be less than the support provided to PhD candidates as per the PhD Scheme of MeitY. MeitY may, however, consider waiver of this ratio in deserving cases.
  9. The candidate would be eligible for Fellowship for the period during which the candidate is in good standing, and fulfills the requirements of the PhD successfully. The maximum period for which the support would be available for any full-time candidate would be five years or till the completion of PhD whichever is earlier.
  10. The participating Institution will ensure that a candidate receiving fellowship under this scheme is not receiving any financial support for PhD from any other scheme of Government of India/States etc at the same time. The candidates who have availed support for their PhD from any other scheme of Government of India/State etc will automatically stand disqualified for support under this scheme.
  11. The support for attending international conferences for full-time PhD candidates shall be subject to availability as per overall ceiling of 1000 participations. The above support would be to cover the travel and other expenses for attending International conferences, where the research paper of the PhD candidate has been accepted for the presentation by the candidate. A list of renowned International conferences related to the areas of ESDM and IT/ITES would be prepared by the "Academic Committee" for the Scheme for the purpose of this support.
  12. Necessary provisions for teaching by full-time PhD candidates at undergraduate/postgraduate level would be formulated by the Academic Committee for the scheme set up by DietY. These will be adopted by the participating Institutions under the PhD Scheme.
  13. The selection criterion of the PhD candidates to be supported under the scheme will be devised separately by the Universities/Institutions in consultation with the "Academic Committee" setup by MeitY. However, a balance would be maintained between basic research and applied research. The "Academic Committee" setup by MeitY under the HRD Division, MeitY would look in to this issue from time to time and make suitable recommendations.
  14. Other details of terms and condition in respect of the scheme would be guided by “Terms & Conditions governing Grant-in-aid for funding R&D Projects” (of MeitY) where ever applicable (a copy is at Appendix-II).

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